Using a Doctor’s Note to Your Advantage

Having an injury or illness may force you to miss work against your wish. However, your boss may want to hear none of it unless you produce a valid doctor’s note to explain where you were. But you can’t blame the boss because it is often company policy, and he or she may be following orders. Many corporations often require a doctor’s note so that they can have it with the human resource department in a file under your records. If you are working for such a company then you have to ensure you obtain this note from the physician before you resume work.

Why You May Need a Doctor’s Note

Company Policy

Different companies have different policies. Some of them will require proof of sickness when employees take a sick day. Others may require the note for safekeeping or updating of records with the HR. Regardless, being absent from work for longer periods may require a convincing reason to avoid the risk of losing your job. Check with the HR department to determine whether you will need a physician’s note upon your return to the company.

Promotion and Job Security

Every employee desires a promotion and job security. However, some companies may use your long absence from work as an excuse to fire you or deny you that promotion. A doctor’s note can protect you from such unfortunate eventualities.

Labor Law Protection

Labor laws protect employees who are injured or sick so that they are not unfairly dismissed from work by their employers. However, you can only enjoy such protection if you can be able to provide authentic documentation as proof of illness.

Whether you are genuinely sick or need a cover up to avoid rubbing shoulders with your employer, a doctor’s note can give you the protection you need to avoid problems and secure your job.